2017 Bucket List

This is my list of things I’d like to do in 2017. Some are new, others old. This list will grow as the year passes. Suggestions welcome!

  1. Try Pilates
  2. Eat Ethiopian food
  3. Run a 5k
  4. Get a new tattoo (or a few!)
  5. Join a photography club
  6. Try a barre class
  7. Take a pottery class
  8. Complete a sleep study
  9. Attend a meditation class
  10. Spend a weekend in Maine
  11. Go vegan for a week
  12. Go raw for a week
  13. Take a rock climbing course
  14. Hike Sleeping Giant
  15. Kayak Lake Wintergreen
  16. Bike ride the Hamden rail trail
  17. Join a charity bike race
  18. Visit a local vineyard
  19. Take a cooking class
  20. Join a book club
  21. Have a yard sale
  22. Learn how to ski
  23. Get a massage (or a few!)
  24. Open a savings account
  25. Volunteer at aΒ soup kitchen
  26. Submit a story for publishing
  27. Visit Niagara Falls
  28. Finish a Master Cleanse
  29. Finish a Whole30
  30. Go see more live music (maybe 3 concerts?)
  31. Go camping
  32. Start a garden
  33. Try Crossfit
  34. Try reiki
  35. Try accupuncture
  36. Become a Big Sister (BBBS)
  37. Go on a wellness retreat
  38. Start regular chiropractic sessions
  39. Attend agility classes with my pup
  40. Visit the West Coast
  41. Join the Catskill 3500 club
  42. Create a short film
  43. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  44. Find a primary care physician and dentist
  45. Eat Malaysian food
  46. Hike Overlook Mountain
  47. Go gambling
  48. Start a 401k
  49. Go white water rafting
  50. Make sushi
  51. Spend a weekend in Block Island
  52. Visit Cuba
  53. Go white water rafting
  54. Learn origami
  55. Start foreign language classes
  56. Cook lobsters
  57. Go parasailing
  58. Go snorkeling
  59. Learn how to scuba dive
  60. Take a painting class
  61. Take a kickboxing class
  62. Try paddle boarding
  63. Drive a convertible
  64. Take a meditation class
  65. Lose 100 lbs

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