Whole30: Week 1

It’s day seven and we’re still going strong. Like…really strong. Strong enough to pass by the free Girl Scout cookies at the office and strong enough to turn down our favorite entrees at our favorite restaurant. I don’t think we’ve reached the tiger blood euphoria mentioned by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig’s on their Whole30 website, but we are well on our way.

A few snapshots of food I’ve eaten:

A few lessons I’ve learned this past week:

  1. Have a partner to do this with. It makes it SO much easier. I can’t say enough about the difference it makes. We push each other and support each other and as they say, misery loves company! So it’s nice to have someone going through #thestruggle with you.
  2. Plan ahead. Seriously. Prepping is everything. I have breakfast/lunch staples and dinner is always a crapshoot…but at least I’ve got 2/3 of the day down.
  3. Have small goals. We made the promise to one another that if we could make it to day 10 we would re-join the gym and start going together. Once Thursday rolls around we’ll make a 20 day goal to push us there as well.
  4. Do your research. Read the book (It Starts with Food by Melissa & Dallas Hartwig). Have the knowledge and all the information available to you going into this thing.
  5. Understand that a perfect Whole30 isn’t possible. We try to live the 99% life and understand that small mistakes may happen, i.e. the restaurant using canola oil instead of the EVOO they told you they’d use.

Week one, done.


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