Day 1.3

Whole30…attempt #3…let’s go!
Caleb has agreed to complete a Whole30 challenge with me. He’s read the summary, the philosophy, the benefits and most importantly, the rules. We start today. March 1st. And I can’t say that we haven’t been gorging ourselves on Cadbury eggs and gummy bears all weekend…

I think this might be it people. Third time is a charm…but lucky number three aside, I’m excited to be doing this with my partner, my friend, my co-pilot, my love.

In the past year or two, Caleb has lost 70 lbs. We joke that I’ve gained what he has lost, but in reality, it’s sort of true. When we adopted our first dog, Ruger, Caleb stepped in as the primary care taker. This meant more walks and less time to veg. His increased activity and my obsession with having healthy foods in the house, along with a shift in his mentality led him to lose the LBs.

I envy his determination and contradictory nonchalant attitude. Whenever we run into an old friend of his, they can’t help but comment, with their mouths agape, “Caleb, you look amazing!” and his response is always appreciative with an air of cool. Like it was nothing. Like losing a second grader came as easily as breathing. I’m excited to complete this challenge with him and Hopefully with his encouragement and comradery…along with our competitive nature, we can complete this challenge once and for all. March 1st, day 1. Today.


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