My FitBit + Aria

Caleb gave me my FitBit and Aria scale this year for Christmas. They were wonderful, thoughtful gifts. They’ve been so fantastic. They completely appeal to my slightly OCD, highly organized side. My scale auto-syncs with my FitBit and MyFitnessPal. What could be better?

Sleep PatternI’ve noticed that the step tracker component has added an edge of competition to Dashboardmy routine. I not only want to achieve the amount of steps the FitBit sets for me, but I also want to beat the daily steps that my friend’s take as well.

Another part of the FitBit I love is the sleep log. I’ve never slept well. My father is an insomniac with sleep apnea. I believe it’s hereditary and I’ve had the luck to inherit the habit. According to my dashboard I could potentially sleep 8 hours a night, but tend to average 4. This is a problem I’d like to change. I’m almost certain that I have sleep apnea, but I refuse to get a machine, like my father. This year, I will sleep better. This year, I will eat healthier, lose weight and as a result, sleep better.


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